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Thank you Sachs Law, APC for saving my parents! My mom and dad were involved a car accident which flipped their Tahoe and suffered injuries. My parents are lucky to be alive!
Brett Sachs and his amazing personal injury team helped us through every step of the way.
– Cain C.

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    Moreno Valley Personal Injury Lawyer, CA

    Accidents in Moreno Valley happen every day, even to the most responsible and cautious people. If you were involved in a personal injury accident that was caused by the negligence of another, you must get in touch with an experienced Moreno Valley personal injury lawyer at MVP Accident Attorneys. Our dedicated accident lawyers can guide you through every step of this complex legal process and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries, pain and suffering, and other damages.

    At MVP Accident Attorneys, we provide the type of reliable, effective, and knowledgeable legal representation that every client needs during one of the most stressful times in their lives.

    Moreno Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

    You should always speak with a Moreno Valley accident attorney regarding personal injury matters, even if the legal process seems straightforward and your injuries minor. An insurance company often refuses to accept responsibility and will look for any excuse to deny your claim or pay out as little as possible. An insurance company has a team of defense attorneys and experts whose main goal is to find ways to minimize damages. When you hire an attorney with experience in personal injury law, they can protect your rights and your claim, providing peace of mind and guidance during this challenging time.

    At MVP Accident Attorneys, we’re committed to providing exceptional legal services to accident victims, giving every case the attention it deserves.

    Our Moreno Valley personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping accident victims fight insurance companies for fair settlements. An insurance company doesn’t care about accident victims and their long-term needs. A claims adjuster will usually offer a fast settlement hoping to minimize losses. These settlements are often much lower than what an accident victim could recover if they had legal representation. Unfortunately, when an accident victim accepts a quick settlement they relinquish their right to pursue compensation in the future, even if their health condition worsens. Because of this, it’s always wise to seek legal advice before discussing your settlement with an insurance adjuster. Our legal team can accurately value your claim, can negotiate on your behalf, and will prevent an insurance company from intimidating you or taking advantage of you.

    Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle in Riverside County

    At MVP Accident Attorneys, we advocate on behalf of accident victims, using our years of experience and specialized knowledge to create a unique legal strategy that is tailored to your specific type of case. Over the years, we have represented countless accident victims in Moreno Valley and the surrounding areas who have been involved in auto accidents, construction site accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, and more.

    Other cases our firm commonly handles include:

    Auto Accidents

    Auto accidents can cause minor to catastrophic results and are often caused by drowsy drivers, drunk drivers, distracted drivers, or reckless drivers. When an innocent person is injured in an auto accident as the result of a negligent driver, they deserve justice and compensation for the damages they have suffered. When you meet with an auto accident injury lawyer, they will explain your legal options, help you file an accident claim, investigate your accident, and help you pursue compensation to cover the cost of the financial losses you suffered as the result of a negligent driver. Contact a Moreno Valley car accident attorney today to learn more.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    A motorcyclist is often to blame for an accident involving a passenger vehicle. But despite common misconceptions, most motorcyclists are extremely cautious on the road. Accidents involving motorcycles are usually caused by negligent motorists who failed to see the rider or took their eyes and attention off the road. Medical care costs after this type of serious crash can create financial hardships for the rider and their entire family. After a bike accident, it's important to file an insurance claim as soon as possible to recover the compensation you’re owed for injuries, pain and suffering, property damage, and more.

    Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

    Both pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable to catastrophic and fatal injuries caused by a negligent driver. A pedestrian or cyclist does not have any protection against a passenger vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds. Because of this, the accident victim often sustains serious injuries, even in a minor collision.

    Construction Accidents

    A construction worker has a dangerous job, works long hours, and can be exposed to hazardous conditions if their employer is careless and negligent. At MVP Accident Attorneys, we help accident victims injured in construction accidents recover fair compensation for life-changing injuries that were caused by dangerous conditions and a lack of safety measures on the job site.

    Slip and Falls

    Property owners have a responsibility to keep their properties safe for visitors. When a person slips and falls on someone else’s property and sustains injuries, the accident victim has a right to pursue compensation and hold the negligent landowner accountable for the dangerous and hazardous conditions on their property.

    Defective Products

    Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have an obligation to sell and distribute products that are safe for public use. When a defective product injures a consumer, the personal injury attorneys at MVP Accident Attorneys can hold the negligent party accountable for the harm they have caused.

    Common Injuries Sustained in Accidents

    At our personal injury firm, we often handle cases that involve minor and severe injuries. Catastrophic injuries can change a person's life forever, requiring ongoing medical treatment for the foreseeable future. But even accidents that involve only minor injuries can result in steep medical bills and a significant amount of time missed at work. Some of the most common injuries we see at our firm include:

    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Whiplash
    • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
    • Concussions (mild TBI)
    • Back and neck injuries
    • Spinal cord damage
    • Burns
    • Road rash
    • Arm, wrist, and leg injuries
    • Crush injuries
    • Bite injuries

    An experienced attorney can help you file an accident claim and pursue financial compensation for your accident injuries, including hospital bills, surgeries, ambulance transportation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more.

    What to Expect From Working With a Personal Injury Lawyer in Southern California

    Regardless of how an injury occurred, if you were hurt due to someone’s reckless or careless actions, our legal team is ready to help you recover maximum compensation for your losses.

    Our personal injury law firm is dedicated to providing personalized attention to every case because that’s what every client deserves.

    Personal Injury Claim Damages

    When a person suffers injuries in Southern California that were caused by someone else’s negligence, they often experience financial, emotional, and physical damages. From obtaining and analyzing evidence, including police reports, accident reports, medical records, pay stubs, and witness testimony, to working with experts to accurately value your claim, our attorneys will go above and beyond to build a strong case that will hold the at-fault party responsible for your damages.

    The losses that result from a personal injury incident in Moreno Valley can include both economic and non-economic damages, such as past and future medical treatment, pain and suffering, property damage, missed time at work, and more. Personal injury claims and lawsuits allow the accident victim to recover compensation for accident-related damages, such as:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Past and future medical bills
    • Damaged property
    • Lost wages
    • Loss of consortium
    • Emotional distress
    • Loss of quality of life
    • Future lost earnings

    Wrongful Death

    When a person is wrongfully killed in an accident in Riverside County that was caused by the wrongful actions or inactions of a negligent person or entity, surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, funeral and burial costs, lost income, mental pain and suffering, and more.

    Call Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Moreno Valley for a Free Case Consultation

    If you were involved in a personal injury accident, contact the legal team at MVP Accident Attorneys today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. While you may feel that it’s obvious the other party involved should be held responsible for your damages, an insurance company or defense attorney will do whatever it takes to prevent you from receiving a fair settlement. Our legal team knows how important it is to you and your family that you receive every penny of compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and find out how our personal injury attorneys can support and guide you during this stressful time.

    If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Moreno Valley, contact us today.



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