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More storms set to hit California this week, contributing to a historically cold and rainy season

Despite it being the first week of spring, the end of winter weather doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight for California. An upcoming storm is set to bring another few days’ spell of heavy rain and cold temperatures. This is coming after a few day long break in rainy and stormy conditions, which ended Saturday evening when a new storm rolled in. A second stronger storm is expected to move in late Monday night and Tuesday and continue into Wednesday. The significant rain and snow between Tuesday and Wednesday is likely to pose dangerous flooding risks to Southern California.

As a result of the rain between Monday and Wednesday, California can expect widespread rainfall amounts of 1-2 inches. Several inches of rain will fall on the lower west- and south-facing slopes of the Coast Ranges and Sierra Nevada. Some of the higher elevations in Southern California could accumulate over 4 inches of rainfall through Wednesday.

The Impact of this Rainy Season in California

The month of March has greatly contributed to historical levels of rainfall in numerous areas of California. Santa Rosa, California has received more than triple its average rainfall in the month of March. As of March 20, the total inches stands at 9.34, when it usually stands just below 3 inches by this point in the month. Heavy rain is expected to impact the Los Angeles metropolitan area on Tuesday, with flooding likely. As of March 18, downtown Los Angeles has accumulated 24.49 inches of rain since November, which is 208% of their historical average rainfall of 11.78 inches. Santa Barbara is under similar circumstances, and has received 24.03 inches of rain since November. This is nearly double its usual average of 13.95 inches. Water restrictions in California have been relaxed as a response to the significant rainfall over the past months.

How to Prepare for the Stormy Conditions

The smartest thing to do during the upcoming storms is to avoid driving altogether, if possible. If you must drive, be careful and take basic safety precautions. Remember that recently flooded areas and windy conditions can bring debris like fallen branches and trees to the roadways, causing blockages. It is important to proceed with caution and plan to take alternate routes if necessary. Important driving safety tips to keep in mind during the inclement weather include reducing your speed and maintaining a healthy distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you, use low-beam headlights when using windshield wipers, and to pay attention and stay alert.


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