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Cycling in LA proven deadly, according to a new report

There were 26 bicycle fatalities in Los Angeles during 2022.

BikeLA, a bicycle advocacy group in Los Angeles County has identified four main contributors to the deadly accidents, including speed exceeding 35 MPH, poor street lighting, a lack of dedicated infrastructure for cyclists, and excessive lanes on roadways.

According to the report released by the bicycle advocacy group, 85% of the bicycle fatalities occurred on roads without dedicated bike lanes, 77% of the crashes took place on roads with three or more lanes in each direction, and 54% of these accidents took place at night.

The report signified a theme in which vehicles are prioritized over cyclists, and discussed how change needs to occur in order to make traveling safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Another factor to note is that 61% of the bicycle fatalities occurred in low-income, Black and Latino neighborhoods, showing the effects of racism on lack of resources in these areas. Efforts need to be focused on making these areas safer for these communities. The report also noted that multiple deaths occurred on major roads where injuries have commonly taken place in the past. BikeLA Associate Director Kevin Shin adds: “The communities that need the most support are in areas with lower POC densities. [which] shows the impact of historical divestments and racist policies leading to a lack of resources leading to the negative outcomes we are now witnessing.”

The report also went to identify several areas of notable concern, where multiple fatalities have occurred. The list includes East Anaheim Street in Long Beach, Martin Luther King Jr Blvd and Figueroa St in Los Angeles, Figueroa Street in Downtown Los Angeles, and Avenues H & J in Lancaster.

Eli Akira Kaufman called the results of the study “unacceptable,” and stated that systemic change must take place to keep Los Angeles safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

“No matter how conscientious we are on the road, the infrastructure we rely on must do a better job of supporting our freedom to navigate Los Angeles without fearing for our lives,” Kaufman said in a news release. He went on to emphasize that the current state of the roads are “unacceptable by all modalities” and BikeLA “is committed to advocating for the systemic change needed to make our region bikeable for everyone, regardless of their zip code.”

The report outlined solutions to promote better bike safety, including lowering speed limits, converting vehicle lanes into protected bike lanes, improving bike lane design and street light quality, and allocating funds towards bike safety.

For BikeLA’s 2023 Bicycle Safety Report, click here.

Reckless driving in combination with dangerous road conditions can contribute to devastating  bicycle accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a bicycle accident, you need to fight for the fair compensation you are entitled to. Accident injuries take a physical, mental, and emotional toll on victims, and our goal is to take care of all of the legal matters surrounding your accident so you can focus on your recovery. Reach out to us today for a free case evaluation.

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