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Sleep-deprived driving vs. drunk driving: how are they similar?


When it comes to driver safety, the dangers of sleep-deprived drivers are often overlooked. Unfortunately, drowsy driving accidents are on the rise and they can result in severe injuries or fatal crashes.

The Dangers of Fatigued Driving

Sleep deprivation can have a devastating effect on a person's ability to drive safely, just as alcohol intoxication can. However, the consequences of fatigued driving are not taken as seriously as drinking and driving. Sleep-deprived drivers and drunk drivers have a lot in common.

Both can cause:

  • Drowsiness
  • Slower reaction times
  • Poor decision-making

Sleep-deprived drivers can also experience symptoms similar to those of alcohol intoxication, such as impaired coordination and even hallucinations.

Sleepy drivers are also less likely to recognize hazards on the road or to react quickly enough when those hazards arise.

Ultimately, drowsy driving effects are just as dangerous – if not more so – than drunk driving. Lack of sleep can dramatically impair a person's driving performance and ability to drive safely. It’s important for all motorists to recognize the risks associated with fatigued driving. Drivers may not realize that they have not had adequate sleep for driving and are at a high crash risk.

How to Avoid Driving While Fatigued

To reduce the risks of causing a drowsy driver accident, make sure you:

  • Take regular breaks
  • Get plenty of sleep before hitting the road
  • Drink coffee

Knowing the signs of sleep deprivation is essential for keeping everyone safe on the roads. It is important to be aware of how serious sleep-deprived driving can be, and take proactive steps to ensure you’re never too tired behind the wheel.


  • You have had fewer than four hours of sleep
  • You have driven for more than 12 hours without sleep
  • You have heavy eyelids
  • Have a chronic sleep disorder that could potentially impact your driving performance
  • You are unable to focus on the road
  • You are easily distracted

You should not get behind the wheel.

Warning Signs of Sleepy Driving

The signs of a sleep-deprived driver are similar to those of a drunk driver.

Sleep deprivation can cause:

  • Risky driving behaviors
  • Decreased reaction times
  • Poor judgment and decision-making
  • Inability to focus on the road ahead
  • Drowsiness and nodding off while driving
  • Weaving or drifting in lanes

What to Do if You Suspect a Drowsy Driver is On the Road

If you suspect that another motorist is sleep deprived, it's important to take steps to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of everyone else on the road. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious accidents and even fatalities. If you notice a driver on the road is displaying signs of sleep deprivation or alcohol intoxication, write down their license plate number and contact the local police right away.

What to Do After an Auto Accident Caused By a Drowsy Driver

If you have been involved in an auto accident with a drowsy driver, you should contact MVP Accident Attorneys as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected and to explore your legal options. We offer free, no-obligation consultations, and our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal representation. Don’t wait—contact us today and get the compensation you deserve.

Contact MVP Accident Attorneys Today to Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Consultation

No one should have to suffer due to another person's negligence or recklessness, especially when that negligence or recklessness involves a fatigued driver. Sleep-deprived driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving, and it is important to take legal action when necessary in order to hold negligent drivers accountable. If you were injured in a drowsy driving crash, the experienced team at MVP Accident Attorneys can help. Reach out today to schedule your free consultation and let us help you pursue a fair settlement for damages.


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