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Teens and distracted driving: what's the problem?

When it comes to discussing who are the most dangerous drivers on the road, you probably often hear,

“Millennials (and Gen Z) are the worst drivers, they’re too reliant on their cellphones and can’t put the dang things away.”

Millennials (and Gen Z) are guilty of being the most distracted drivers, according to a new AAA study. They also go on to say that,

60% of teen car accidents are caused by distracted driving.

When you look at this statistic, your heart may sink. You more than likely know a teen sibling, cousin, friend, or child that drives. If so, you have surely seen their dependence on their cellphone, which is a large cause of these distracted accidents. However, well above 60% of all age groups in the study reported taking part in these negative behaviors. The closing statement is that distracted driving is something that any age group behind the wheel can participate in, which is what makes it such a dangerous driving impairment.



Now, back to how bad teens are at driving. The thing that many researchers believe to be the problem with teen drivers is the fact that they don’t believe their distractions are dangerous. Dr. David Yang, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s executive director states, “Alarmingly, some drivers ages 19-24 believe that their dangerous driving behavior is acceptable.” Dr. Yang is speaking on a report in which over 88% of drivers within that age range have run a red light, texted, or gone far over the speed limit within 30 days of the study.



When it comes to distracted driving, the silver lining is in the fact that no distractions are mandatory. This means that those who take part in driving distracted choose to do so. Driving distracted is 100% preventable, and as seen earlier, can impact any age range of drivers.

So, what can be done?

Some helpful tips to stay away from driving distracted includes:

Keep your cellphone use limited to emergency situations only

Don’t drive tired

Limit the activity and passenger levels within your vehicle

Don’t eat while driving

Save multitasking for outside your car

However, the most definitive way to prevent distracted driving is to simply put away distractions. At the end of the day, the job of every driver is to arrive at their destination on time, in a manner that keeps themselves, their passengers, and all others on the road safe. When that driver chooses to distract themselves, they are committing a selfish act that can put the safety of other drivers at risk.

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a negligent distracted driver, we would like to hear your story. At Sachs Law, our team of experienced California and Nevada personal injury attorneys has been helping those injured due to distracted drivers recover the maximum possible compensation for years.

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