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    Product liability attorney orange county

    Every day, people come into contact with hundreds of products the moment they get out of bed-toothpaste, personal grooming products, coffee makers, fitness equipment, vehicles, and more. Manufacturers in the U.S. have a legal duty to bring products to the market that are safe for public use. Even a product that undergoes quality control measures and ample testing sometimes has a danger or defect, such as auto parts, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and more.

    A defective product can sometimes cause catastrophic injuries or massive property damage. In the worst cases, a defect can lead to a fatality. When defective products cause bodily harm, the negligent product manufacturers must be held financially responsible. Some companies fail to provide the consumer information regarding how the product should be used safely or they fail to test the right aspects.

    If you have been injured due to a defective or dangerous product, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and other damages. An Orange County product liability injury lawyer at MVP Accident Attorneys can investigate your accident and build a solid case that can hold negligent product manufacturers or distributors responsible for the harm they have caused.

    Experienced Product Liability Lawyer Orange County

    If you suffered physical injuries due to a defective product in Orange County, California law entitles you to seek compensation for damages in a product liability claim or lawsuit against the negligent manufacturer. A product liability claim can be very complex, making it in your best interest to hire a product liability injury lawyer who understands how to apply the law to your unique situation. The experienced and knowledgeable legal team at MVP Accident Attorneys understands the challenges you face after a defective product injury, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

    How an Orange County Product Liability Lawyer Can Help

    The product liability attorneys at our law firm have extensive experience fighting on the behalf of accident victims who sustained injuries caused by defective and dangerous products.

    We will thoroughly investigate your case and research the details of your claim. We will create a clear strategy and plan of action to build your case and hold the negligent manufacturer liable for your damages.

    Types of Defective Products

    Product liability claims and lawsuits are all about defective products. You may have purchased something in the past that didn't work properly or the way the manufacturer claimed it did. In most cases, a defective product is a nuisance that ends up getting thrown away. Yet, not every product that doesn’t work is defective from a legal standpoint.

    A product defect will fall under one of three categories:

    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Information

    If the defective product that caused your injury has any one of these defects, then you can pursue a claim for compensation.

    Defective Design

    From medical devices and toys to cars and medication, every new product undergoes a design stage where an engineer will create the concept of the product. A company comes up with an idea, creates the plan for the product, then creates a prototype or sample. Designs that are defective mean that the conception of the product is dangerous to buyers. In some cases, a company may discover a design flaw during the manufacturing process, but in others, the consumer will suffer before the defect is discovered.

    Manufacturing Flaw/Error in Manufacturing

    After a product is designed, the company will make it. This can mean many things depending on product type. Production can require assembling something or actually making the product, such as pharmaceuticals, diet supplements, or food products. A defect that occurs during this step is called a manufacturing defect. The design of the product may have been safe, but something happened during the manufacturing phase that negatively impacted the safety of the product, which can lead to defects including:

    • Damages during shipping or transport
    • Equipment malfunction
    • Construction mistakes
    • Assembly mistakes
    • One or more bad parts or pieces
    • Poor quality materials or ingredients

    Marketing Defect/Information Defects

    A marketing defect or information defect encompasses a wide variety of citations that can put buyers in danger of injuries or death. An information defect can occur when distributing or packing a product to retailers or consumers. When a company makes consumer goods, legally, they must provide instructions for certain products and warn consumers of any potential hazards. The failure to warn consumers or provide information of any potential hazards opens companies up to liability for damages when death or injuries occur.

    Examples of a marketing defect or information defect can include:

    • The failure to provide instructions for assembly or use
    • Improper labeling
    • Lack of or inadequate warnings concerning the dangers of using the product

    An experienced product liability law firm can help you file an insurance claim or lawsuit and guide you every step of the way through this type of complex legal process.

    Types of Product Liability Cases

    Product liability cases involve a broad range of defective products. However, some categories of defects occur more often and are more likely to result in injuries. At MVP Accident Attorneys, we have an experienced and skilled team of attorneys to represent product liability victims in all types of cases.

    We often see the following types of claims:

    Automotive Defects

    When a vehicle has defects or a manufacturer produces a defective automobile product, the results can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, automobile manufacturers introduce defective vehicles and parts to the market often. Our law firm has helped injured people recover fair compensation when negligent auto parts and automaker manufacturers are responsible for their injuries.

    Consumer Fraud

    When a company intentionally defrauds a consumer, the physical, emotional, and financial damage they cause opens them up to a product liability claim or lawsuit. Fraud can include practices such as bait and switch, false advertising, or deceptive marketing. If a company withheld critical information about how to use their product, tricked you, or lied to you, our attorneys can help you hold them accountable for consumer fraud.

    Medical Devices

    Many people rely on medical devices to help them maintain a better quality of life or keep themselves alive. In many cases, medical devices do more good than harm. When a doctor implants the device correctly, problems with the medical device often stem from manufacturing or design defects. People who have received defective medical devices often face multiple corrective surgeries and can sustain considerable damage due to the defective device.

    Food Poisoning

    Food poisoning may go away on its own after twenty-four hours, yet severe cases can be fatal or life-threatening. People who have been exposed to contaminated food may end up in a coma or face permanent damage. Grocery retailers and food manufacturers are responsible for providing safe food for consumption.


    Defective medication can lead to dangerous side effects that can be fatal or may lead to permanent damage. The FDA requires these manufacturers to adhere to a strict development process and approval process before a drug is allowed on the market. Unfortunately, there are companies that take shortcuts. If you suffered severe side effects from a medication, our diligent legal team is here to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

    Many product liability lawsuits have been brought against the following types of dangerous drugs:

    • Anti-psychotics drugs
    • Anti-cancer drug
    • Over the counter medication

    Damages in a Product Liability Case

    If you want to pursue compensation from a negligent manufacturer, a lawyer can guide you through the legal process. Regardless of whether you settle your case out of court or go to trial, you can receive compensation for the following damages related to the injury and accompanying losses:

    • Past and future medical bills
    • Lost wages from time missed at work
    • The estimated loss of future wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Decreased quality of life
    • Loss of consortium
    • Scarring and disfigurement

    And more.

    Call an Experienced Product Liability Injury Lawyer in Orange County

    Catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities are costly and may create a massive financial burden for the injured victim and their family. This only adds to the victim’s pain and suffering. You shouldn’t have to suffer financially due to a negligent company. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, the product liability lawyers at MVP Accident Attorneys can help. Contact our office today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and let our legal team help you pursue the compensation you’re owed due to a negligent manufacturer or distributor.



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