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Leveling the playing field with insurance companies

Insurance coverage isn't what it used to be. The myth of insurance coverage is crusading on because insurance has been mandated by law with stiff penalties for anyone who refuses to fill the corporate coffers of these giants. Yet, thanks to some recent appellate court decisions, the insurance companies are now able to wiggle out of compensating claimants more than ever. In fact, the new appellate sophisms suggest that once the insurance company has paid towards a claim, it is not possible to seek other damages from the party at fault.

The offers that the courts are now allowing insurance companies to make are not just low, they are vulgar displays of crony capitalism. Common sense tells you that the new restatement of the law does not reflect the interests of the people but, instead, reflects the interests of giant corporations. It is an open conspiracy because big insurance companies have the ability to lobby and pass rulings in their favor with the political clout of officials they sponsor.

When a governor is put into office with the money of big insurance companies and their super PACs, it is like having a noose around any judge's neck who goes against the political slant. Although the judiciary is supposed to have the independence to rule in favor of justice, you will find that this is hardly the case in our country. Our election policies have changed and have put control of the govt. in the hands of big business, not the common people.


As a result, insurance companies are becoming bold enough to give claimants the runaround and to act with bad faith in handling all their claims. They will offer settlements so low that a claimant will be lucky if he can recover a fraction of his medical bills. This says nothing for the permanent disabilities or quality of life issues that he may suffer. The new crony capitalism legal scheme makes mere pretenses of solving the problems of the people. The scheme is forcing many lawyers to spend little or no time on less serious cases because the potential to cover their representation costs alone are inadequate.

So, while you may see a superlawyer who has won many multi-million dollar settlements, this does not mean that each client had the same quality of professional representation. They, frankly, could never afford it with the current trends in the appellate courts making it impractical. The weakest and smallest things in the world always cause the greatest harm such as a serious of bad legal decisions shaping insurance liability laws.


Now, more than ever, claimants have to be vigilant to obtain fair compensation in personal injury cases. It is critical for injured victims to hire an experienced attorney with a genuine passion to help humanity. The Sachs Law Firm in California and Nevada is zealous to defend the rights of their clients by making a full and concise record that demonstrates the seriousness.

The Sachs Law Firm will negotiate down your medical bills and work to ensure that the medical insurance companies do not overbill you. By working on both ends to reduce the costs of the accident and to receive maximum compensation, you can reach the finish line or make that hole-in-one in no time. Trust Sachs Law Firm to put in the hard work necessary to you the compensation you deserve!

Call us today at (833) MVP-WINS to begin your free consultation. The insurance companies may have a team behind them, but we have the MVP of personal injury.

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